When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade out of it. Sometimes, you just have to deal with what you have. Better yet, make the most and best out of it. This is where your inner creativity kicks in. Here are 27 photos that embody situations that bring out the genius in each one of us. They might come in handy whenever you’re in sticky situations, too.

  1. The one where comfort meets functionality.

2 in 1 Bike

2. The one where it pays to keep the tin lid of the can you used before. Voila! Instant pizza cutter.

Instant Pizza Cutter

3. The one where you realize that pizzas do not just make your stomach full, they also keep you “entertained”.

Phone Stand

4. The one where pots are not just for cooking, but for ironing, too.

Iron Pots

5.  The one where we find the most comforting words in the most unexpected place.. in a broken headlight of a car.

Our Kind Of Light

6. The one where desperate times call for desperate measures.. even if it means risking your safety. This worker sure is presumptuous!

The Ladder to Success

7. The one where your cat unleashes the sneaky side in you. It looks cute, though!

Anything For The Cat!

8. The one where a flower shop tells you how it’s done.

Marketing Level 999

9. The one where you desperately need to freshen up the room ASAP. “Say no more.”- Pine air freshener + Stand fan

Make Great Use of The Fan

10. The one where you’re running late for work, but breakfast is life.

Coffee Maker/ Heater

11. The one where college makes you take cheating to another level. Who knew calculators could do more than numbers and other mathematical functions?

Calculators Are More Than Just Numbers

12. The one where you won’t need to go around the grocery store to find the perfect match because they’ve got you covered.

The Perfect Match

13. The one where people just simply amaze you. How did they even manage to pull this through? We would never know.


Amazing Parking Skills

14. The one where inspiration is just everywhere. If there’s a will, there sure is a way.

15. The one where Santa cosplays, too. Now we know Santa’s favorite movie character!

Santa Skywalker

16.  The one where you just want to stay indoors but your cat has other plans. Problem solved!

Anything For The Cat Part 2

17. The one where you want to chill in the pool but your buddy has a better idea.

DIY Pool

18. The one where the native has a cooler ride than you. How does this thing even work?

Cool ride, sir.

19. The one where it finally pays to keep your favorite childhood toys.

TNMT’s Got You Covered.

20. The one where you badly need to regain the money you spent during the holidays.

How To Save Money 101

21.  The one where the only thing that matters is that you get to drink tonight.

Tastes Just The Same

22. The one where you can only hope for the safety of this driver. But, you do you, sir! You do you.

Probably Not The Safest Way

23.  The one where you commend the owner’s resourcefulness. If it works, then who are we to judge? Right?

Well, It’s Still A Door.

24. The one where the mailman had one job, and he did it right! What would you do if a mailbox cannot be spotted? Take it from the mailman right here.

Good Job, Mailman.

25. The one where you get tips on how to get away with drinking alcohol on a holiday (in New Zealand).

If You Think About It, It’s Right.

26. The one where having a broken screen becomes bearable.

So Subtle

27. The one where you get tips on how to properly and subtly fix a [huge] dent in your car.

Huge TNMT Fan

Seeing these photos only goes to show that everybody has a genius side within. After all, it’s not stupid if it works. They look very clever, it might just be considered a genius hack.



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